1. 4. Time for a bicycle - Construction of bikeways within the development of the ecological transport on the territory of Nowa Sól Poviat



3.3.1. Decrease of the low emission in the cities – project executed outside the ITI formula


Value of the project: PLN 17 535 650.00

EU financing (European Regional Development Fund): PLN 10 774 254.07


The aim of the project is to decrease the low emission in the cities through the construction of a bicycle route as the Nowa Sól Poviat’s transport passage and to rise the ecological awareness among the inhabitants of the voivodeship within the benefits, which are the result of using the ecological means of transport. The tasks are implemented within comprehensive projects, combining infrastructural investments (Type I) with informational and promotional activities (Type IV). The project is being executed as a partnership with 5 communes: the Nowa Sól City, the Nowa Sól Commune, the Otyń Commune, the Kożuchów Commune and the Kolsko Commune, and the Nowa Sól Poviat as the leader. The need for a functional bicycle route is the result of a conducted survey and a necessity, declared by the communes - partners of the project. The investment planned, concerns connecting the communes of the Nowa Sól Poviat: the Nowa Sól - City, Nowa Sól, Otyń, Kolsko and Kożuchów with a bicycle path network and pedestrian-cycle pedestrian routes for providing transport to work places, educational and service institutions in the Nowa Sól Poviat and providing better communication between the communes and the region. The total length of the constructed paths is 48, 20 km. The route runs along former railway line no. 371 Wolsztyn – Żagań, within the borders of Nowa Sól Poviat in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. The investment will be associated with the existing bicycle route network on the territory of the poviat and the neighboring poviats. Implementation period: II quarter of   2016 - IV quarter of  2019. Within the informational and promotional campaign, comprehensive activities are planned, with the use of ICT, for the increase in the usage of ecological transport in the territory of the Nowa Sól Poviat, while increasing social awareness of protecting the natural environment of inhabitants of the poviat and the region. Implementation period: IV quarter of  2017 - IV quarter of  2019. Estimated, annual decrease in greenhouse gas emission: 350,83 tons of CO2 equivalent/ 2020. The project assumes a transport improvement in terms of alternative means of transport.

2. 3. RE ODER - social and economic revival of the post-industrial territories in Nowa Sól




9.2.1. Development of marginalized territories – projects executed outside the ITI formule


Value of the project: PLN 16 096 617.46

EU financing (European Regional Development Fund): PLN 11 935 361.37


The project “RE ODER - social and economic revival of the post-industrial territories in Nowa Sól” is associated with the revitalization of the industrial territories of the former Oder factory and its surroundings, within the tasks established in the Local Programme of Revitalization of the city of Nowa Sól for the years  2016 -2023. Within the task, the tower structure, which has been preserved as a characteristic dominant of the former factory, will be renovated and adapted for the function of social and economic activization and educational revival of entrepreneurs and inhabitants of the revitalized territory.  The implementation of the above function is possible after constructing the technical infrastructure, which currently, is in a catastrophic state.  Thus, the investment envisages the construction of new utility networks (water, sewerage, lighting), reconstruction and removal of the already existing networks collisions, solving the rainwater drainage problem, construction of approximately 150 parking spaces for passenger cars, covered parking spaces for scooters and bicycles, reconstruction of road surface and construction of pedestrian routes for pedestrians and cyclists and development of the present green areas (revalorization of the park) with construction of a concert bowl. The scope of the project includes: preparatory costs, construction works, construction supervision services, promotion. The scope of the construction works includes: 1) adaptation of the water-tower to a Social and Economic Water-Tower - repair, reconstruction and development of the structure and adjusting it for the needs of the disabled (KK); 2) reconstruction of devastated, post-industrial, technical infrastructure and construction of a new one (KK); 3) construction of lighting (KK); 4) reclamation of the Oder Park and development of green areas, together with construction of a concert bowl (KK); 5) creating common public space in the heart of ODRA, construction of a square, next to the tower, which will serve an educational, cultural and entertainment function (KK); 6) construction of parking spaces for passenger cars, scooters and bicycles for entrepreneurs and people using the activity center; 7) repair and reconstruction of the internal roads, necessary for of the handling of the economic and social sphere of the revitalized area.

3. 2. Friendly Public Transport – The Passenger Service Centers of the Nowa Sól Functional SubArea



Sub-measure: 3.3.1. Reduction of low emission in the cities – project executed beyond the ITI formule


Value of the project: PLN 50 071 961.88 

EU financing (European Regional Development Fund): PLN 35 839 201.05 


The originator of the project is the Nowa Sól City Commune. The partners of the project are the Kożuchów Commune, the Nowa Sól Commune, the Otyń Commune, the Siedlisko Commune, the Kolsko Commune. The Supporting Partner is the Nowa Sól Poviat. The main aim of the project is the reduction of low emission of pollution in the transport sector and the decrease in the outflow of public transport passengers in the Nowa Sól Functional SubArea. The necessity of the execution of the project results from the need for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of environmentally friendly public transport , competitive towards individual transport and from the need for the integration of various transport forms on the territory of Nowa Sól Functional SubArea communes. The project implements a number of aims, described in detail in chapter II.1.2 SW and contributes to achieving the indicators provided in section C of the Application. The scope of the project includes following category of infrastructural-investment tasks: 1. Purchase of a bus fleet. 2. Construction of a bus depot and the necessary technical infrastructure in Nowa Sól. 3. Construction of local Passengers Service Centers together with land development and the accompanying technical infrastructure network. 4. Construction of a Nowa Sól Functional SubArea Passenger Service Center in Nowa Sól - extension of ul. Towarowa and ul. Zjednoczenia in Nowa Sól. 5. Reconstruction of the PKP railway station in Nowa Sól and adjustment of the rooms for the needs of of the  Nowa Sól Functional SubArea Passenger Service Center. 6. Designing and creating a dynamic passenger information system. 7. Designing and creating an electronic ticket system.

In addition, within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to implement the accompanying preparatory-investment activities and also the investor’s supervision of the project and the promotion of the project. Built and purchased elements of the project will be used by all of the inhabitants of the Nowa Sól city and the neighboring communes, to which bus routes operated by the Międzygminne Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne ”SUBBUS” Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Intercommunal Communication Enterprise “SUBBUS” [Ltd.]) will run, as well as all of the visitors utilizing NsFA public transport.

4. 1. Modernization of Vocational Education in Zespół Szkół Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego (Agricultural School Complex) in Henryków



The support is directed to the teachers and pupils of ZSCKR in Henryków and the institutions from the school’s social-economic environment. The project is being executed as a partnership with the social-economic environment. The main aim of the project is the improvement of the vocational education quality. It will be implemented via to the following tasks: Supporting the professional development of the teachers of vocational subjects, vocational counselling, apprenticeships and internships of the vocational education teachers in enterprises, apprenticeships and internships of the pupils in enterprises, modernization of vocational education, through equipping the school with  new, necessary equipment, cooperation with universities. The activities complement the ZSCKR activities from before the implementation of the project. The number of people involved in the project is 400 pupils (350 pupils from rural areas) and 8 teachers. The project will be implemented following the principle ofof equal opportunities and non-discrimination, including accessibility for the disabled. The project will be managed by the Project Management Team. It will consist of the coordinator of the project and the financial specialist, hired to work part-time.


Sub-measure: 8.4.1. Improvement of the quality of vocational education - project executed beyond the ITI formule

Value of the project: PLN 2 096 142.43 

EU financing (European Social Fund): PLN 1 781 721.06

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